TaxAction offers tax advice, support and solutions in all areas of tax, even the most complex.
But our pricing structure is really simple!


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Below are some frequently asked questions. Please click on the question to reveal the answer.


Tax Helpline
Just £50 per unit (a unit is 15 minutes or part thereof) and is ideal for those quick queries or a brief second opinion when you want to be sure you are giving your clients best advice. Remember, TaxAction consultants are specialists and experts in their chosen field and a quick call can usually deal with your query. As soon as you ring the TaxAction free-phone number our admin team will refer your query to the appropriate tax expert who will then call you and answer your tax query.


Do I have to pay a subscription to join the Helpline service?
No! TaxAction never charges a subscription for any of its services. The Helpline rates of just £50 per unit are available to all accountants, lawyers and other professional advisers. Written consultancy is charged at £70 per unit.


Do I have to use the Helpline for a minimum number of units each month or year?


How will I know what I am going to be charged?
Easy! At the end of any Helpline call your TaxAction consultant will agree with you the amount of time you have been on the phone so we will never fall out over invoices.


What if I have several tax queries - can they be dealt with in the same call?
Yes if the TaxAction consultant you are speaking with has expert knowledge in all the tax matters you want to talk about, but TaxAction wants to make sure that you talk to the right tax expert so you may need speak to more than one person.


Do I have to call premium rate phone numbers?
No! You call the TaxAction free-phone number then the expert tax consultant calls you back.


Just how good are the TaxAction tax specialists?
If they were doctors they would be practising in Harley Street! The people behind TaxAction and all of the TaxAction consultants are the best of the best with many well known tax giants on the team. TaxAction consultants are regarded as the leading authorities in their area of specialism - they represent clients in the tax tribunals, write tax text books and are highly sought after as specialist tax advisers. They include Chartered Tax Advisers, Trusts and Estates Practitioners and Senior ex-HMRC Inspectors. TaxAction not only provides expert tax advice and support but understands how important great customer service is and that it is crucial to offer a clear pricing structure and guarantees on quality and timely delivery of advice.


TaxAction Advantage - Written Tax Consultancy and Support
Many tax problems require more than a quick call and to cater for more complex and high value tax issues we offer 
TaxAction Advantage.  Our expert consultants offer written reports, second opinions, attendance at HMRC meetings, drafting of complex tax documents and tribunal representation.  Again, charges are made on the basis of 15 minute units at a rate of £70 per unit or part thereof.  Consulting with tax experts on complex tax issues usually carries a premium price-tag with many specialist tax advisers and lawyers charging well over £300 per hour for even basic advice.  As you can see, TaxAction's fees are highly competitive.


But how many units will I be charged for?
TaxAction consultants will, wherever possible, offer a guaranteed fixed fee to give you the tax support you request. This could be a fixed fee for writing a report, researching a particular tax issue for you, designing a share option scheme or even representing you or your client at a tax tribunal. Of course if your brief changes then fees will need to be discussed again but we will always try to offer you certainty over fees.


Do you offer "value billing"?
Yes - TaxAction understands that some tax problems are so complex, high value or urgent that a premium fee is appropriate. Your client might have hundreds of thousands of pounds riding on a successful outcome with an HMRC dispute or need urgent tax support on a complex or very pressing matter. TaxAction consultants will be happy to "drop everything" to help you and will agree a value-based fee in advance. In some cases a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA) may be offered where a higher fee is charged for a successful outcome. Either way TaxAction provides specialist tax advice at very competitive rates.


Will TaxAction respect my adviser/client relationship?
Yes! If we are advising you and for any reason need to meet with or speak to your own client we undertake, as professional advisers bound by strict codes of ethics, never to undermine your relationship with your client or solicit them.


Can TaxAction provide advice, solutions and support in all areas?
Yes. We have the cream of the crop and specialists in all areas of tax.


When will I get my written answer to a tax problem?
TaxAction understands that timely delivery is really important so wherever possible we will agree a realistic deadline with you. As long as you do not change the brief your report, second opinion or tax document will be delivered within the deadline agreed. If it is not, and the fault is ours, then we will reduce our fee by 50%. Does your current tax support network offer this?


What happens if I am not happy with the quality of advice given?
TaxAction consultants are experts but if you do have a problem over quality we will look into the matter and if we have fallen short of our high standards we will waive the fee completely. Does your current tax support network offer that safeguard?


What Happens Next?

It's simple: email and we will send you our Client Agreement, or please click here to open the form for printing (or right-click and choose Save As to download it). All you need to do is sign and return them to our admin centre at Suite 212, 266 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7DL. You can then use the Helpline Service or TaxAction Advantage for written work and tribunal representation.

If you are a professional adviser with tax expertise in specific areas and would like to be considered to join TaxAction as a specialist consultant please email us at